søndag den 16. maj 2010


Just came home from the movies, went to Gran teater and saw the movie An Education by Lone Scherfig... an amazing movie and experience:) have the nicest feeling inside, feeling creative and fortunate. Home again, i went along with my wedding projekt. Wednesday we recieved the printet layout for our wedding invitations, and friday i went and bougth envelopes and matching paper for the final finish. Im doing the revised editing, as well as writing the official  invitation for the authorities, so that we can aply for visum for the family of the Groom from Morocco. Have lighted a candle, poured myself a glas of redwine, and are listening to the radioshow 'det elektriske barometer' on P3. The handsome one is at work, the weekend is almost over, but life is good, and im happy about all the things i managed to get done over the weekend. Prosperes week to come. A little moody snapshot:) Hope you are all well....

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